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OS is a fashion and lifestyle brand with an offering of luxury and affordable products appealing to varying market segments. OS is the symbol for both the luxury brand Simeogieme, as well as the affordable lifestyle brand Osime Saibu. 

The Creative Director, Osime Saibu, is a fashion enthusiast with a passion for designing clothing and accessories. She launched the fashionably diverse luxury clothing brand Simeogieme in 2010, while recently in 2021 unveiled the eponymous Osime Saibu brand


With each design, she aims to exemplify harmony that can be attained in the fusion of diversity, by mixing various patterns, vibrant colours, textures, themes and occasionally, a combination of different fabric types to create harmony in contemporary fashion. She draws inspiration from Africa's love for vibrant colour and eclectic fashion. Her collections echo her ethos which is "Simplicity, Sensuality & Sophistication". 

Till date, she has worked on five main Collections:

  • The Black Collection 
  • Sim Simma Collection 
  • Lines & Colours Collection 
  • Play Cut Collection 
  • TribArt Collection 



Pieces from the collection were put together using black satin, black taffeta, and high quality African print fabric. Black was chosen as the central theme for the first collection, black being a conservative colour associated with sophistication. 




"Sim Simma Collection", which was unveiled in August at Africa Fashion Week London 2013, is about celebrating femininity. According to the urban dictionary, "Sim Simma is an exclamation in response to anything worthy of admiration. The vision Simeogieme has with the Sim Simma Collection is to dress women in colourful, bold and beautiful pieces that emphasizes flattering attributes of the female body. From the body fitting pieces to the maxi dresses which cascades elegantly on a variety of female forms, the wearer will be worthy of the admiration of all. 




This collection was inspired by the harmony that can be attained from infusing diversity, thus setting on a journey mixing various patterns, colours, textures and themes to achieve this.

Most images start their life as line drawings. Lines interact to form shapes and shapes are filled with colour and tone, or repeated to create pattern. Different elements that make up art can express qualities such as movement and rhythm, harmony and contrast and a wide range of emotion. The designs in this collection were inspired by different moods, emotions and abstract images that are expressed using fabric.“




This collection was inspired by “serenity in chaos and order in disorder”. Simeogieme unveiled the SS17 Collection themed ‘Play Cut’.




 TribArt is the creation of a unique tribal pattern as an expression of art. This pattern was used in in weaving a rich fabric, combined with organza and lace in some cases, then tailored into the luxurious bodycon dresses and jumpsuit.

Osime Saibu is committed to creatively exploring more exciting and fashion-forward themes for future collections.